The Boat Shed Cafe

One of my favourite meals in Queenstown was at The Boat Shed Cafe. It is a little off the beaten path and isn’t in downtown Queentown. The location is a 30 minute walk or quick drive from where we were staying at The Rees Hotel.

It is very easy to walk here from The Rees. The beautiful lake side stroll was serene and peaceful.

I cannot look at a photo of a chai latte from my New Zealand trip without instantly wanting one. The Boat Shed had 2 different chai lattes, a sweet one and a spicy one. I went for the spicy because I like my chai lattes full of flavour and spice. These were some of the best ones on our trip.

Our perfect lake side spread. Our brunch was so fresh. Their eggs benny comes on a potato patty instead of bread.

The avocado bruschetta had plenty of fresh greens with halloumi cheese, tomatoes and dukkah spice. The toast had a great chew. Our server recommended this dish. I loved it!

They cook fantastic eggs here. Whether you get them poached or scrambled, they come on thick toast with jam. I am drooling…

Their coconut chai pudding came beautifully presented in a mason jar. The chai pudding was mixed with berries that gave it such amazing flavour. It was topped with lots of fresh kiwis and granola. They give you a shallow bowl to dump it all into to enjoy. This chia pudding is a must eat at The Boat Shed. We couldn’t get enough of it.

I loved all the food I ate in Queenstown. The Boat Shed Cafe sticks out to me as one of the most memorable meals because of the views and incredible fresh flavours in my most favourite meal, breakfast. The staff were very friendly and pleasant. Venture out of downtown Queenstown for some of the best brunch in the city at The Boat Shed Cafe.