10 Acres Bistro

I just love the concept behind this Victoria restaurant. The restaurants that belong to this group, the 10 Acres group, all utilize produce from their central farm that is nearby. Whatever the farm cannot supply the restaurants with, they use local producers to fill the gaps. There are three different restaurants in the 10 Acres group: The Bistro, Kitchen and Commons. They are all very close to each other in downtown Victoria. This post is about the Bistro.

I was so happy to see one of my favourite wines on their list, the Chenin Blanc from Quail’s Gate. It’s fruity, light and refreshing. Its definitely one of my go to’s.

We started our meal here with another one of our go to’s, French Onion soup. Their version had plenty of cheese as well as flavour. You could taste the fresh herbs.

Their steak and fries came with a very generous portion of rib eye sitting atop a mound of fries. The red wine sauce was just perfect. Who doesn’t appreciate a good sauce?

One of their specialties here is their house rotisserie chicken. You get half a chicken with seasonal vegetables and potatoes. The chicken was incredibly juicy and I thought I wasn’t going to finish it…but I did. The veggies were perfect and the mashed potatoes were smooth. I highly recommend ordering this when eating here. Fantastic dish.

I liked this sign that showed what kind of things their farm grows and how they are trying to have a sustainable business.

I hope that more restaurants go in the direction that 10 Acres Bistro is going. We need to start eating more local produce to support our own economy and growth. Not only that, our food does not need to come from so far away. I felt so satisfied after having a meal here for many reasons. The food was fresh and incredibly delicious and it felt good to know the restaurant was supporting itself as well as others in the Victoria food community.

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