Anh and Chi

I love the stories behind family run restaurants. Anh and Chi is a recently revamped Vietnamese restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver. It used to be a restaurant named Pho Hoang. The children of the husband & wife owners revamped it to its current state. What a meaningful story and its so touching how they are keeping their tradition alive.


The first thing I noticed when I walked into Anh and Chi was their decor. This is their bar area. How gorgeous is the stained glass art work?


This was the light fixture above our table. The restaurant is very bright and they make great use of their space.


I even had to take a picture of the water carafe. I liked how there was a long slice of cucumber in the water.


We ordered the crispy vegetarian spring rolls to start. We were instructed to wrap the greens around the roll and dip. I have never had spring rolls like this and the lettuce wrapping made them so refreshing and unique. I also appreciated the presentation and seeing all the yumminess inside the spring roll.


The grilled chicken banh mi came on a soft, crusty roll. I really liked the garlic aioli on it.


 We ordered the Pho Hoang, their traditional pho. I asked for it to have only the sliced beef and hold the meatballs & brisket. The soup was very comforting and the broth was very flavourful even before adding the hoisin and hot sauce. The noodles were so delicious. There were ample fresh herbs on top. I cannot get enough green onion and cilantro on my pho and I was glad to see no shortage of them on top. This was some of the best pho I have ever had.


We also got one of their bún (vermicelli bowl). This is their grilled pork one and came with a grilled whole prawn on top too. I was excited to see more of their addictive crispy spring rolls. Their take on the herb salad was so refreshing. All of this sits on top of vermicielli noodles. Everything comes together once you pour the sauce over it. This is such an amazing bowl and lots of people around us were ordering it. There are a couple different options for their bún.

I had such a great time at Anh and Chi. From the amazing corner table we were sitting at with tonnes of natural light to the tantalizing and memorable cuisine. I will most definitely be back very soon as this is now my favourite spot for Vietnamese cuisine.

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