Fort to Fort Trail

I really enjoy walking. If you give me a walk with views, I can go on for a while. The Fort to Fort Trail in Fort Langley provides exactly that, many different views to keep you interested. I like this trail because it is flat, not difficult and anyone can do it. You can be on your bike, with kids or with your dog. There are playgrounds at the beginning for the little ones to enjoy.



These are pictures of the beginning on the trail. It starts right at the Fort Langley Historical Site and you go along Bedford Channel. There are many pretty homes to admire along the way.




Here is the Bedford Channel. As you walk further, this channel meets up with the Fraser River. I took some of these photos in the summer and then again in the fall.


The scenery is always changing on this trail so don’t forget to stop and look around. This is one of the docks overlooking the Bedford Channel.


There is lots of signage to read along the trail. This is one about birds in the area. There is so much history in this area as it was such a vital part to the start of our province.


By the time I get to this view point, I have worked up quite an appetite. Since this trail starts in the heart of downtown Fort Langley, there are lots of great spots to have a meal at.


I also really like this trail because it gives you options. It is about 12-15 kilometers depending on how you choose to do it. You can branch off and do the Houston Trail too to add onto your distance. I have heard this trail being called an all seasons trail. Since it is flat and well maintained, it can be enjoyed all year long.