Ucluelet photo diary (October 2016)

On my most recent Vancouver Island get away, I stayed at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino. I spent some time in Ucluelet aka Ukee as well. I last visited six months ago and have a more detailed photo diary here. It rained for a lot of this trip so I didn’t make as many trips to Ukee as I would have liked to.


For one of the sunny days we were lucky enough to have, we did some of the Wild Pacific Trail. Before arriving at Black Rock Resort, which we decided would be our starting point for the trail, we came across this deer with two of her babies.


The Wild Pacific Trail is continuous for the most part but the Lighthouse Loop is separate. It’s about 16-18 kilometers round trip. I have never done the whole trail and that’s what I like about it, it doesn’t have one starting point that you have to commit to.






Shortly after you start the trail at Black Rock Resort (if you choose to start there), you arrive at benches. Sit, relax and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.


There were quite a few private, little beaches along the way.




We stayed to the left while doing the trail and avoided any forest loops. This was to have maximal ocean front time.


dscn5043  dscn5042

The above three pictures show my favourite look out we came across during this portion of the trail. We saw some incredible wave activity from this view point. We witnessed waves crashing on these black rocks and splashing up so high into the air.



I discovered the shop Pina during my last trip to this part of the island. They have a smaller store in Tofino as well. They make custom clothing with unique art work on it. The art is made by a local artist, who also owns the shops. In the picture above, I am wearing a tank top with the wolf face on it. I had this piece custom made on my last trip to Ukee. They have clothing for men and children too. You can also get their art work printed on to your own clothing if there is something specific you want made. I had some prints put onto a sweat shirt and top my husband sent with me.

I always pay a visit to Ukee Dogs Eatery when in Ucluelet but I did not snap any pictures of my meal. The Canuck Dog is my favourite there along with the candy coconut cookies. The Wild Pacific Trail is definitely one of my favourite things to do when in Ucluelet. Its a trail that changes with the seasons. Its a great way to experience some of the best sights in Ukee.