Tofino photo diary (October 2016)

Tofino has always been popular among tourists. You would notice lots of licence plates from Washington, Alberta and Quebec, when traveling through. As of late, I have noticed more people from BC visiting Tofino. With a low Canadian dollar and a shift in tourism, more BC residents are interested in exploring their own province. Tofino is a place that is loved dearly by those who have been there and is on many people’s wish lists. Its been one of my favourite places to travel to and I have been coming here regularly for a decade.



I like to visit Salt Spring Coffee in the Tsawwassen ferry terminal before catching my morning ferry. I love all their baked goods. Pictured above is a ham & cheese croissant sandwich with a walnut orange cookie and chai latte. Their London Fog is so lovely here too.


I always catch a morning ferry when headed to Tofino. Some of the road that leads to Tofino is very rugged, curves around mountains and isn’t lit. It’s best to drive it during the day.



Once we made it to the Duke Point ferry terminal, we made our way to Coombs to visit a couple shops before travelling to Tofino. One of them was the Dutch Imports shop to pick up licorice. They have so much variety and are a licorice lovers dream. They also carry Dutch cheeses and other goodies.


The next stop was the Old Country Market aka Goats on the Roof. Here are their goats actually on the roof of their market. I love stopping at this market to load up on baked goods, their very famous cheese bread and other snacks I may want for my trip. There is also a cafe on site where we had a bite to eat. They have tonnes of ice cream and gelato flavours in a separate newly built shop on site as well as Mexican and Italian food.


A trip to Tofino isn’t complete without visiting the original Tacofino truck. This is where it all began for them.


We took our burrito to go one day and enjoyed it on Long Beach just before it started raining. This is their vegetarian burrito with guacamole added.


Don’t forgot to grab one of their Diablo cookies. It’s sweet, spicy, fudgey and chocolatey.

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The above four pictures are from Tonquin Beach, which is where you first arrive when doing the Tonquin Trail. Its a gorgeous and peaceful white sand beach on one of Tofino’s newest trails.


After leaving Tonquin Beach and continuing on the trail to get to Third Beach, we came across this walkway.




From this walkway, there was a walk out to a beautiful viewing area.


 After walking a little more, we got to Third Beach. The tide was in so we couldn’t do much exploring here. It was a secluded spot to take a break and admire the waves. The trail is just under three kilometers round trip.



After doing the Tonquin Trail, we went into town and checked out the Roy Henry Vickers art gallery. His pieces are so stunning.


I always have to satisfy my sweet tooth at  Chocolate Tofino.


How cute are these chocolate beers that they make? These ones are filled with chocolate fish and sea creatures.


We got some of their assorted chocolates, a chocolate surf board and house made gelato.



We had dinner by candle light at Shelter Restaurant a few times during this trip. Their steak and frites is one of my favourite things to get here. I love the arugula salad and truffle fries that come with the steak.



We did some relaxing on Middle Beach on our Tofino towels. I love these round towels.


We wrapped ourselves in our Tofino towels while beach combing. You can purchase these towels at many shops throughout Tofino and Ucluelet or online.


I love the pattern the waves leave on the sand.



We had to leave our mark on the sand too to commemorate our trip!

Tofino is becoming increasingly more popular and seeing more visitors. Its known as a culinary destination as well as a surfing capital. The people that live in work here want to showcase the best of the area. I have barely seen Tofino change in the decade I have been coming here and its beauty never ceases to amaze me.