Willowview Farms

Willowview is a husband & wife operated farm in Abbotsford, on McCallum Road. They grow apples, pears, plums and all types of squashes & gourds. I keep a close eye to their social media accounts to know when they open so I can go pick the best tasting apples right off the tree. They usually open mid August.



One needs to stay refreshed during fruit picking so make sure you stop in the store first to get an apple cider slushie. They use their own farm made cider and mix it with ice. It’s amazingly fresh and delicious. You also have to stop in the store first anyways to get your buckets/baskets weighed prior to picking (make sure to bring your own). Grab a map (to show you what varieties are ready to pick) and a wagon and you are ready for picking.


There are lots of locally produced goodies in their market like jams, jellies, honey and spreads. I picked up some dulce de leche spread made in the Okanagan. It sounded too good to pass up. If you don’t have time to pick your own fruit, they also have all their current apple varieties in the market for purchase.



Make sure to say hello to the goats and chickens on your way out to the fields. You can buy feed to give to the animals. There is a petting zoo as well.



We started with the pears first. All the u-pick fruit is the same price so everything can go in the same basket. I always end up picking more fruit than I expect so make sure to get a wagon from the market, even if you think you don’t need it. The fields are quite big so it really saves you from lugging around heavy, fruit filled baskets.


It is so satisfying picking your own fruit off the tree.





I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the apple trees. It helped that the sun was perfect on the mid September afternoon. These are honeycrisp apples. It is probably their most popular variety. Its very juicy and sweet. Once you have a Williowview Farms apple, its difficult to go back to eating other (grocery store) apples. There have no wax on them, since you are picking them off the tree. They are hands down the best apples I have ever tasted.


My basket full of freshly picked fruit. It is mostly honeycrisp apples with some alkeme apples and pears. Some of the apples are so big that you need 2 hands to eat them.

I love visiting Willowview Farms. Its a great way to spend time with friends or family, or as a couple. I have come here by myself before as well just to have a quiet afternoon while picking some of the best tasting fruit. Do check their website┬ábefore your visit or follow them on social media. Their hours change with the seasons. They will have u-pick fruit til Hallowe’en-ish. They have a pumpkin patch that will be opening in sometime in October as well. After Hallowe’en, only the market is open til about Christmas time but just for pre-picked apples & cider. I enjoyed my first visit of the season and will be doing a couple more to get my fix of the best fall fruit around.