Vancouver Seawall

Vancouver is such a beautiful and spectacular city. From mountains to beaches and everything in between, we truly have it all and can do it all here. A great way to explore the city is on the Vancouver Seawall. The Seawall is just over 20 kilometers in length and is pedestrian and bike friendly. The lanes are separated which makes it very easy to navigate for either group. I recently walked some of the Seawall with a friend with the hopes to get some photographs to showcase it on my website to share with all of you. I must say, Vancouver photographs well. The next few photos are from where we started our Seawall walk.




Here is BC Place. It is so pretty when it is lit up in different colours.


We started the Seawall at the Science World area. One of the great things about the Seawall is there is no start or finish. You start where you want to and you end where you want to. The Seawall is a continuous waterfront trail around the perimeter of the city. Some of the most iconic parts of the city are just off the Seawall. It is a great place to take tourists. I took some of my England family here recently to the Stanley Park portion and they were in awe of all the surrounding beauty.


Here is my friend enjoying the views of Vancouver.

DSCN4174 DSCN4175

This is a newer area of the Seawall that was constructed for the Winter 2010 Olympics. I love these body chairs. They are very comfortable and a great place to take in the scenery.

DSCN4176 DSCN4177

We spotted a group of Canadian geese on our travels. This little baby was so cute.


You have an option to walk up some stairs and cross over the Cambie Street Bridge or continue on the Seawall. We walked over the bridge and this is one of the pictures that I took. The views from up on the bridge were so spectacular and Vancouver was really showing off on this summer day.


This is the portion of the Seawall that enters Yaletown. There are so many great places to stop and eat off the Seawall. The Bella Gelateria Yaletown location is just off to the right in this photo. Their housemade gelatos have won them international awards.


After the Yaletown section, you arrive at Sunset Beach.

DSCN4183 DSCN4186

There is lots of fun and abstract art work to admire in the city along the Seawall. Here is one of the pieces made of steel.


The False Creek Ferries and Aquabus offer short trips along the Seawall. You can hop on in a few different spots and quickly get to another spot. Its a great thing to do if you don’t want to walk too much, get tired, or have multiple stops you need to get to (cash only).

DSCN4188 DSCN4189

 Here are some of the views off of the False Creek Ferry. We got on at the Sunset Beach stop and were taken back to where we started, Science World.


At the end of a fun filled day in the city we enjoyed this beautiful sunset on the Seawall in English Bay. Vancouver has so much to offer and spending time on the Seawall really shows off our city’s diversity.