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I am such a huge fan of authentic Neapolitan pizza. I admire how passionate Italy is about their iconic dish. There are certain criteria set out by a Neapolitan Pizza Association (in collaboration with the Italian government) for a pizzeria to be certified as a true Neapolitan pizza maker. I fell for Via Tevere’s pizzas a while ago and they are still my favourite. They are also the favourite of many others as they are You Gotta Eat Here certified.


Some of the rules that must be adhered to for pizza makers are what type of flour, tomatoes and cheeses may be used, among other things. Via Tevere displays their bags of double zero flour for all to see.


We started our evening with their Caprese salad. It was simply delicious with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, lots of basil and extra virgin olive oil. A very fresh way to start your meal.


Their daily pasta was rigatoni with meat sauce. Depending on the evening, their pasta is made fresh or dried. The meat sauce had great flavour and just the right amount of acidity. It wasn’t too heavy and I enjoyed the basil on top.


There are so many dishes to love in Italian cuisine but this pizza steals my heart. I could eat just the cooked dough base alone. Their margherita pizza has lots of fior di latteĀ (cheese), basil and fresh tomato sauce. The dough has the perfect chew and softness. I like how the pizza comes to you uncut so that you can cut your own slice or just pull it apart. Their pizzas, like in Italy, are not overloaded with toppings. Its all about the freshness and quality of the ingredients.


Another one of the Neapolitan pizza criteria is that the oven used for cooking must be a domed, wood fire oven and the pizza may only cook for 60-90 seconds. With an oven that reaches upwards of 900 degrees, it doesn’t need to be in there for long.

Some of the other menu items I really enjoy at Via Tevere are their meatballs. They are a very popular item here. I also love their tiramisu. Its made fresh daily and is very light. The coffee flavour is not overwhelming in their version. Even if I am stuffed after a meal here, which I usually am, I can still polish off a piece of tiramisu to myself. It’s that good. Check out Via Tevere for their classic Italian favourites.

***closed Mondays & open for dinner only***

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