Wolf in the Fog

Wolf in the Fog is easily one of the most popular places to dine in Tofino. It has only been open since late 2014 but they instantly created a huge buzz in the Tofino food scene. Their quick reputation lead them to be nominated as the Canada’s best new restaurant in 2014 (by Air Canda en Route magazine).

DSCN3714The restaurant is split into 2 levels. The den, which is downstairs, is open for lunch  & dinner while the upstairs main dining room is dinner only. Reservations are highly recommended. I make my dinner reservation here right after I book my accommodations.


One of the highlights of the upstairs dining room is this breathtaking wooden sculpture of a wolf. It is made of reclaimed Tofino driftwood and was made by a local artist.


The other highlight is their gorgeous bar. I love how tall it is.



I have always wanted to try the punch bowls at here and I finally had a chance to. We went with the No 5 Orange and it was amazing. It wasn’t too acidic or sweet. The larger size of the ice cubes helped keep the drink from getting too diluted over time. The fresh orange pieces in the drink were so tasty and I liked the warmth the allspice gave. I asked our server to please never allow this drink creation to be taken off the menu. It was so good.


The Angler cocktail has housemade smoked salmon vodka with orange juice, lots of ginger and a touch of maple. There were so many Canadian flavours in this drink. If you like experimenting with cocktails, you definitely need to try this. Their cedar sour (not pictured), is a twist on a whiskey sour It is made with rye that has been infused with foraged cedar needles. The drink is so citrusy and bright with lemon and thyme. I have never had a drink with cedar flavour before this cocktail and it was not overpowering at all.


The burger is so decadent. The arugula is great in this burger. It gave this dish some brightness. I love all the classic flavours in it like bacon, cheese and mayo. The fries were perfectly crunchy and seasoned nicely.


The menu at Wolf in the Fog is ever changing and influenced by what they are catching in the ocean as well as what they forage in the forests. They do have a few dishes that are staples on the menu. The Block Party is one of them. This dish is meant to share between 2 people but you can also order a half order for one person. It comes with ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken, extra BBQ sauce, a watermelon salad and cornbread. Every single thing was amazing. The pulled pork was tangy. The ribs were falling off the bone. The fried chicken was so flavorful and moist. It is my favourite fried chicken at the moment. The BBQ sauce had the right amount of acid and was perfectly seasoned. The cornbread was exactly how I like it. I appreciate cornbreads that are simple and aren’t overcomplicated. Cornbread should be all about its unique texture and slight sweetness to balance the tangy BBQ feast. The watermelon salad was full of herbs and was just what I needed to cleanse my palate after this belly stuffing meal.



Another version of the Block Party is the Country Picnic. I originally wrote this post in April ’16 and when I went back in October ’16, the above fried chicken dinner was one of the group offerings. I absolutely love the fried chicken at the Wolf in the Fog so I was happy to still see it on the menu. It came with fresh corn that had an herb butter on it, coleslaw, gravy and extra BBQ sauce. Oh, and this is a half portion of the dinner. It was impossible to finish and made great leftovers. Every single component to this dish was so flavourful, unique and well executed.


The lemon cheesecake comes in the cutest mason jar. It doesn’t have a traditional crust at the bottom. The dessert comes topped with a cookie that lends some texture to the velvety cheesecake. The choice of lemon for this cheesecake was so refreshing. There was lots of candied lemon peel throughout.

A trip to Tofino isn’t complete without a meal at Wolf in the Fog. Everything about this place is so representative of where they are. Tofino is becoming more and more popular on the culinary scene. Wolf in the Fog is leading the pack for this seaside town.

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