Ucluelet photo diary (April 2016)

Ucluelet is a small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. It’s sister town is Tofino. This sleepy town is mainly a fishing village but offers so much beauty that tourists like me cannot stay away. Among the activities I will be mentioning in Ucluelet, there is also whale/bear watching tours, fishing, surfing and paddle boarding to name a few. I first discovered Ucluelet about 10 years ago. I have been back numerous times since, including my honeymoon (at Black Rock Resort). Even though the town is quite small and I have been so many times, I discover something new each time.

DSCN3564A great place to learn about local sea creatures is the Ucluelet Aquarium. Its situated right in the harbour and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.


The aquarium is seasonal and catches & releases its animals at the end of each season. In order to participate in this ethical practice, the aquarium has a close partnership with local fisherman & divers.


This is a picture of the large tank in the middle of the aquarium.


Here’s a sea cucumber holding onto the side of the large tank. There were benches alongside this tank which provided a great view of what was inside.¬† DSCN3570

There were so many tanks to explore.

DSCN3571You can get up close and personal with some of the marine life and hold it.

Since Ucluelet is a fishing town, the harbour attracts lots of wildlife that also feast on fish. The next few photos are of bald & juvenille eagles in the harbour, waiting for the boats to come in so they can get an easy meal. The most epic wildlife experience I have had was a few years ago when one of the larger fishing vessels had just come in and the fisherman threw fish parts into the water surrounding the boat. There were about 30 eagles, seals and seagulls all vying for the fish. I even saw eagles pull fish out of seals mouths. It was incredible.






The Wild Pacific Trail is one of the gems in Ucluelet. This trail has so much to offer. The views are unforgettable and it showcases the supernatural beauty of Ucluelet. It is approximately 8 kilometers long in total but you do not have to do the whole thing to enjoy it. You can do pieces of it, as I did during this trip. I did the Lighthouse Loop (2.5km) and the following 9 photos are from the Loop.


The Lighthouse Loop starts in He-Tin-Kis Park.


This is the first view point.




I found a tidal pool with sea anemones and sea stars.



I loved that there were so many places to stop at on the Lighthouse Loop. I lost track of how many benches and view points there were. I appreciated that there was more than one or two places to stop to admire the ocean views. You can sit for a while and hope to see a whale.


The Amphrite Lighthouse just celebrated its 100th birthday in 2015.


We caught an epic wave smash on the rocks.


A shop that I bought a few unique clothing pieces from is Pina (check out their website here). They have 2 locations, one in Tofino and one in Ucluelet (larger studio, where I had custom pieces done). A local artist prints her stunning drawings on a large variety of eco-friendly clothes (sweatshirts, tops, scarves, baby clothes). You can also buy her art prints or have them printed on your own clothing. My husband gave them 2 of his own shirts to get silkscreen prints on. We were so happy with all our pieces. I got a hoodie with an eagle on it and a tank top with a wolf face.

Ucluelet is a very special to me. It’s where I feel like I really started to connect with nature as I was in a place where it was so undisturbed. Time slows down for me here. Every return trip to Ucluelet is full of re-visiting spots that I love as well as making new memories.