Zakkushi in downtown Vancouver is like a Japanese drinking hole. When I first walked into it, I pictured my food idol, Anthony Bourdain, eating in a place like this. The atmosphere encourages eating lots of little things while drinking lots of beer.

DSCN3270 (2)

Zakkushi specializes in yakitori style eating, which basically means food on a stick. Most items are prepared on a charcoal grill as pictured above.


You choose your menu items by ticking them off on an order sheet and providing this to your server.


We started with a crispy salad. I enjoyed the crispy bits on top, it was a nice change from croutons as you would see in a Western style salad. The salad was dressed nicely and came with a little bit of a seaweed on top.

DSCN3274 (3)

These are most of the skewers we ordered. The larger platter in the middle, the Zakkushi set, is a selection of some of their most popular yakitoris. We also ordered some extra skewers to try such as the shitake mushroom and mochi with cheese (not pictured). All the skewers were delicious and provided the perfect bites. All meats were juicy and full of flavour. I especially like the way they prepared the beef skewer.

Zakkushi is a great place to socialize and drink while enjoying many skewers of tasty food. Check them out when in the West End to see their take on yakitori.

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