Greek Islands (Surrey location)

Greek Islands restaurants are family run with locations throughout the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Surrey). Their Surrey restaurant opened about 3 years ago and I have been hooked on them ever since I tried them. They are my favourite Greek place.


One of the things I love most about Greek Islands is whether you are eating in or taking out, you receive their complimentary bowl of soup. I have enjoyed every creation I have tried including chowder, cream of chicken, lentil and tonight’s offering, creamy garlic mushroom.


When you order an entree, you have your choice of Greek or Caesar salad. I usually go with Greek, as pictured above. They make both salad dressings in house.


Their kalamari is also one of my favourites too. They do it so right here. It is always tender and never heavy on the breading. It’s always crispy, never soggy and comes with plenty of fresh, raw onion. Onion is a must for me when having kalamari.


I tend to get their beef souvlaki. They leave a little bit of pink in the middle which is perfect for me. I do not enjoy well done beef that has turned dry and chewy. Their souvlakis are completely the opposite here and are very juicy. It was my two eating mates first times to Greek Islands. They commented that their chicken souvlakis were the best they had enjoyed in a Greek restaurant. It also now turns out to be their favourite place for Greek food. The souvlaki dinner also comes with vegetables, rice, potatoes, pita bread and tzatziki.


We finished with their baklava.. It was the perfect size to share. Its crispy phyllo pastry layers are drenched in honey. I liked the texture of the almond and walnut at the bottom. The whipped cream was delicious too.

When I eat Greek anywhere else, Greek Islands is who I compare them to. They are my benchmark. Everything tastes so homemade and the service is always great. My eating mates and I talked about how we liked the pacing of the food here. Not everything comes at once and everything was fully enjoyed before moving onto the next part of the meal. Check out Greek Islands for an authentic and delicious dining experience.

***10% off all take out orders***

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