Old Country Market

The Old Country Market is a unique place in Coombs. It is a large market that has all types of local and imported foods as well as a full bakery, cafe, restaurant and retail store.

DSCN2603This market also has another name which is Goats on Roof. Their grass covered roofs have goats walking on them in the summer time.


The goats reside in a nice, hilly area in the back of the market when they are not running around on the roof.


The market has lots of things to see like crafts, handmade trinkets, things for your yard and home as well as arts supplies.


They have racks full of food items.


They make lots of breads in house. My favourite is the jalapeno cheese bread.


There are so many items in their baked goods case.


One of my favourite things in the baked goods case is the Billy Gruff bar. It’s kind of like a nanaimo bar but instead of a cream layer, it has a peanut butter layer. The top layer is chocolate and crispy rice and the bottom layer is like a fudgey brownie with nuts. I have never had anything like this before. I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter so this was a big winner for me.

The Old Country Market is a big attraction in Coombs. It was very close to where we stayed in Parksville at the Beach Club Resort. It only took us about 10 minutes to get here. We also stop here to pick up some goodies on our way to Tofino. Make sure to check them out if you are in the area.


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