North Island Wildlife Recovery Association

The North Island Wildlife Recovery Association (NIWRA) is a place that provides shelter and care to animals that have been injured. Their goal is always to rehabilitate the animals they receive but with some animals, their injuries are too severe and they cannot be released back into the wild. We did a quick day trip here after we arrived to our hotel, the Beach Club Resort. From our hotel in Parksville, it only took 10 minutes to get here. They are located in the town of Errington. Make sure to check their website before you go as they are closed seasonally.

DSCN2528Upon entry to the NIWRA, this is the first area you come into. They have recreated the outdoors in an indoor setting. There are so many things to look at it in this space such as a variety of predator birds, bones of large animals and facts about wildlife.

DSCN2530The center preserved this eagle carcass. It came to them electrocuted and could not be saved. You can see on the wing where the electricity entered its body.


The next space you come into is the flight area. It is provides space for the eagles to practice flying.


Can you see all the eagles? Juvenille bald eagles and mature bald eagles spending time together.


The flight area has different areas when you can look in through one way glass. I felt so up close to this big bird.


A bear also lives here and has a large enclosure. We didn’t see much of it because it was in hibernation.

DSCN2551 DSCN2549

They had a golden eagle here. It was such a beautiful creature.

DSCN2559 DSCN2561 DSCN2564

Elsa, the snowy owl, was such a poser for the camera. I have always been fascinated by snowy owls and their gorgeous appearance.


This barred owl lost one of his eyes and was named Oneeye.


This raven, very appropriately named Trickster, actually made us laugh out loud. He was so funny. He kept on leaning over backwards and stomping his feet. He was totally showing off and putting on a show for us. His enclosure was full of toys. Ravens and crows are very intelligent.

DSCN2576 DSCN2579

This falcon’s name was Emily.

I enjoyed my experience at NIWRA. I am grateful for the service this center and other centers like it provide to these creatures.