Beast & Brine

Beast & Brine is a place that specializes in meat, cheese and deli items like olives and pickles. Essentially, it is a charcuterie. They are located in Surrey, very close to Crescent Beach. They have been open for about 3 years.


They make creative sausages, bacon and other meats like ham and deli type meat. All meats are sourced from the Fraser Valley.


They have fabulous cheeses here. I have taken home some delicious cheese stuffed olives before. You can also order platters from here. I look forward to ordering one for a special occasion.


Beast & Brine is known for their incredible sandwiches. You have 2 options: you can take their sandwich card and choose what you want or you can “Beast” it. That means you get what they choose to make you. I Beasted it and I was beyond impressed with my creation. I have never had such a loaded sandwich and I have never had that combo of ingredients. He basically took all my favourite things and put them in a bun. It worked so well. My sandwich had Montreal smoked meat (cold), Swiss cheese, garlic mayo, grainy mustard, sprouts, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, red onions and lettuce.


If I lived closer to them, I would have a Beast sandwich daily.

I love places that have a focus and do it well. Beast & Brine makes the ultimate sandwich with their high quality, local ingredients and house made creations.