Chopsticks on Pho

Chopsticks on Pho is a Vietnamese husband & wife run restaurant in Surrey. They have been open for approximately 3 years. The restaurant is very bright with huge windows all around as well as very clean. Steve & Lynn are the owners and they make you feel like you are eating in their home.


Their story up on the wall. Love this.


This is their menu. Serving up all the Vietnamese favourites.


Here is a half order of their salad rolls. There is a crunchy surprise (fried wonton wrapper) in the middle of the rice noodles, unique to Chopsticks on Pho.


I really enjoy eating traditional Vietnamese sandwiches called banh mi. They are usually served on a crusty French roll with either a pâté or mayo based sauce, pickled carrots & daikon, lots of cilantro and a protein. This is the lemongrass chicken banh mi.


Their classic pho has thin strips of beef piled on top. I like watching the beef change colours as you push it into the broth. This is what the soup looks like before you customize it to your tastes.


Here is my bowl of pho after adding what I want to and mixing it all up. I like to add hot sauce, hoison sauce, bean sprouts, fresh basil, jalapeño peppers and a squeeze of lime juice. Pho has lots of fresh herbs which is one of the reasons why it’s one of my favourite things to eat.  Chopsticks on Pho is all natural and they add no MSG to their food.


If you don’t feel like pho, they serve other things like vermicelli bowls. Their chicken satay vermicelli bowl comes with two spring rolls and salad on top of rice noodles.

My best friend introduced me to pho many years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. I like how you can make the bowl of soup your own and it’s always a little different than the last time you had it. Chopsticks on Pho is the place to have top notch Vietnamese cuisine.

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