Well Seasoned (cooking class)

Well Seasoned is a gourmet food store in Langley. It is more than just a food store though, it also offers cooking classes and a place that you can rent out for private functions. How fun would that be to have a birthday party/bachelorette party with a bunch of your friends, you can cook up a storm and have no clean up?! The space is gorgeous and bright.


They have tonnes of specialty ingredients. If you need it, they probably have it.


Their fridges/freezers have lots of locally produced goods such as soups, cheeses and cured meats to name a few.


Stumped for a gift idea? They have pre-assembled gift baskets that are beautifully wrapped.


The main purpose of this post is to document my experience with a cooking class here. They offer a wide variety of cuisines/techniques. The classes I have taken with them are Greek, all about garlic, sauces, turkey and this class which was called Cook Like a Chef. I have learned a staple in my cooking from almost each of these classes. In the Greek class I have learned how to make pita bread from scratch and the best tzatziki. In the sauces session I learned how to make an incredible macaroni and cheese that my husband requests often. The classes are either demos (you sit, watch and get to sample all the food once as it is ready) or hands on. This class was a hands on class. In both of them you receive all the recipes, get tips from the chef and you can ask all the questions you want.


The menu for this class was a pumpkin & black bean soup, a garlic & herb stuffed pork tenderloin with bacon balsamic brussel sprouts and an apple pear cobbler. The first thing we finished was the soup. You never leave the class hungry. I got to eat two big bowls of it.


We learned lots of tips for cooking meat. This is our pork tenderloin being seared off before it went into the oven to finish.


Here is the finished product. Remember to always let your meat rest before cutting into it.


Don’t our finished dishes look amazing? Perfectly cooked pork tenderloin sitting on top of bacon balsamic brussel sprouts. It was so¬†delicious.


The apple pear cobbler was served with vanilla ice cream.

Do you have a food lover in your life or are you wanting to improve on your cooking skills? Give the gift of a certificate for a class at Well Seasoned. I love it when I receive a class certificate and I always take whoever gave me the gift to the class. It’s multi functional as it also gives the gift of spending time together while you are learning food skills.