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Being an Indian girl that has a mother who knows how to cook, I feel that my Indian food standards are quite high. If someone asks me where my favourite place to go for it is, my usual response is my mom’s or at Tasty’s. Tasty Indian Bistro has been in its current upgraded location for 4 years. I have been going there since it was called Tasty Sweets. That restaurant was their starter location but the food has never changed.

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DSCN2358It’s a gorgeous restaurant with elegant & tasteful decor. It’s also a very large space and is almost always full.


The seekh kebab is a mix of lamb & beef on skewers which are cooked in a tandoor oven. They come sizzling to your table. The mint yogurt chutney with this dish is such a great condiment.

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The picture to the left is channa masala (curried chickpeas) and pickled carrots. The fried flatbreads to the right are bhaturas. It’s different than a roti or naan bread that you may be used to eating with your curries. It’s just fried and that’s what we like to pair with this specific curry.

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To the left is butter chicken and to the right is shahi paneer which basically just means butter cheese. It’s sauce is the same as butter chicken but with paneer, Indian cheese. Personally I like shahi paneer more. I feel the cheese carries the curry better and I can eat more of the curry without being weighed down by chicken.


Aloo gobi is curried cauliflower and potatoes. It’s perfectly cooked and spiced.


Tasty’s makes my favourite naan bread. Always has been and always will be. There are many different types of naan such as paneer naan, garlic naan and spinach naan. 


These are the Tasty dinner specials. There is a vegetarian one and a non-veg. They both come with at least two curries, rice, naan, raita (spiced yogurt) and dessert (usually a gulab jamun). The non-veg has two pieces of tandoori chicken so it’s a very substanial meal. I get the vegetarian dinner special a lot of the time. It’s easy to eat vegetables in Indian cuisine and there’s lots of paneer.

Tasty Indian Bistro has always been my favourite Indian restaurant because it tastes homemade to me. The food has been consistently good the whole time I have been coming here which is well over 10 years.


The moon was particularly stunning tonight on our way home. It had a red-orange hue to it. I just had to share.

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