Estrella’s Montreal Deli & Cafe

I live in the Surrey/Langley area in BC. It doesn’t take long to get to Vancouver. Yes, Vancouver is the big city and its very metropolitan but it doesn’t have everything. There are some places on this side of the bridge that have no comparison. I get a little upset when people say there is nothing to eat in my area. They either haven’t looked or just don’t know. One of Langley’s gems is Estrella’s Montreal Deli & Cafe. It’s a place many Vancouverites, as well as many others, come to for unreal and authentic Montreal smoked meat.


I ordered their small sandwich. They get much, much larger than this. You have your choice in leaner or fattier meat. I received lots of advice from fellow food lovers that suggested at least medium fattiness is the only way to get/fully appreciate the sandwich. You also get to choose if you want dijon or yellow mustard. Yellow for me. From the first bite, I knew I was in love. The meat was sliced thinly so it made for a melt in your mouth, buttery sandwich. I could taste some warm spices  on the meat like cloves and peppercorns. It was so juicy and tender. Even though it was juicy, the rye bread did not get soggy. The bread had a great chew to it the whole time I slowly enjoyed this perfect sandwich.


Estrella’s also serves up paninis, sandwiches and soups among other things. This is their roast beef panini and soup of the day (potato & leek). The soups, like many other things here, are made from scratch. Just like everything else, it was fantastic. I don’t have a picture for this post but they make one of the best poutines I have ever had. They use local cheese curds and the gravy is not too salty.


Those pickles you have been seeing in the previous pictures, you can buy them. They are kosher dill pickles made in house. They are salt brined not vinegar brined so the taste is unique. They are always perfectly crunchy. I will not buy pickles from anywhere else as these are my standard. If you know me, I have probably got you addicted to them.

Estrella’s is making Montreal proud with their smoked meat! You can also take home vacuum sealed packs of the meat. I personally would rather leave the sandwich making to the pros. You are missing out if you have never been to Estrella’s. You will not be disappointed to make a trip out here from where ever you are.

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