Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival 2015

My love for eagles started about 5 or 6 years ago. My husband and I were on an evening walk and we were stopped at a local pond. We heard a swooshing noise right above us. It was two bald eagles, their talons interlocked, in a mating ritual (I found this out once I got home and researched it.) I remember thinking after seeing that, how much am I missing because I don’t look up? Since then, I cannot keep my eyes off the sky to look for eagles & other birds of prey.

The Fraser Valley has been holding an annual Bald Eagle Festival since 1995. This was my first year going and it was spectacular. The eagle festival is usually held in the third week of November, a few weeks after the annual salmon festival. There are multiple sites that you can go to for eagle viewing. I was given some tips by a co-worker and chose to go to Sandpiper Golf Course in Harrison Mills. The have an eagle observatory deck right on the river which made for an incredible experience.


It took just over an hour to get to Harrison Mills. Its about 30 minutes past Mission and we took the Lougheed Highway. Mount Baker looked so beautiful this morning.


To start my day, I had breakfast at the restaurant at the golf course. It’s called River’s Edge restaurant. I had their flap jack stack. It came with two eggs, three pancakes and meat of choice. The restaurant had a great view of the river and we did plenty of bird watching while eating.


Follow the signs to the view point.


Crystal clear water rushing off the mountains to feed the Harrison River.


The eagle observatory deck. Please don’t be like those people on the left of the observatory deck. There are signs that clearly state not to walk on the flat lands and to stay in marked areas. You want the birds to feel safe while they hunt and not scare them away.

 And here come the eagle pictures….











So many different birds in one frame. Bald eagles, ducks and trumpeter swans.

Looking at me??

I left mesmerized. There were eagles flying all around us and we could hear their enchanting high pitched chatter. If you are a fellow eagle lover like me, you definitely need to check this festival out next year. I also hope to get out to other eagle hot spots such as Brackendale, just past Squamish.