Birchwood Dairy

Birchwood Dairy is a family run farm in Abbotsford. They have their own cows on site which they use to produce their milk, dairy products and ice cream. There aren’t that many places around that are making their own ice cream but Birchwood does and it is so great. DSCN2106

Straight to the farm, Birchwood Dairy.


Lots of choices.


Decisions, decisions. So many good flavours! Cookies & cream and black raspberry cheesecake are favourites.


Peanut butter cookie dough and butter pecan. These are considered single scoops!!


Cookies & cream for the win!

I love going straight to the source to get a product. They are usually taste the best because so much care has been taken to make them. Birchwood Dairy does not disappoint. Their ice cream is incredible & there is no shortage of flavours. Support your local farmers & businesses. Take a trip down to Birchwood Dairy.